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Correlation between Usain Bolt and Investments

Disciplined investment is the key to build Wealth

Hello Guys
Hope you all are doing well.

This is my second blog and I’m super excited to write this and share my observation with you or rather, convey my message to you about the mental dilemmas or uncertainties faced by the investors during the period of investments. We, as an individual can learn from a lot of things happening around us and that is what I like to do personally. It is up to us, how we interpret things in the best possible way to find the right kind of motivation, example or the desired benefit.

This image is unrelated to finance but there is one lesson which is in stores for all of us which, I feel, is worth sharing. To become the fastest runner in the world, Usain Bolt has spent 20 years of extensive and rigorous training. The fact that he has went under the hammer for 20 years is just to finish the race a fraction of a second faster than his opponents. In these 20 years, before becoming the fastest runner of the world, there would have been several instances where he would have failed or felt like giving up or tired or lost (i.e. not knowing what is going to happen in future or whether he will be able to make it or not) or there might have been n number of discouraging moments, but he stuck to his goal and the efforts required to achieve them without missing on any day of training.

Similarly, while investing for our financial goals which maybe 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 years away, how often do we get affected by the economic condition of the country or volatile markets, scams, dangling sentiments of other impatient investors, scandals happening around or maybe with our lazy thoughts like what is the point in investing for the future which is uncertain… who knows, whether we would be dead or alive to bear the fruits of them so let’s live in the present and enjoy today…” But only those who stick to their goals are able to achieve their desired results of investments in a hassle free manner and stay ahead of their peers.
Moral: Had Usain Bolt not shown discipline or thought about the uncertainties of future and spent his 20 years in enjoying his life without caring for his future then he wouldn’t have been the fastest runner in the world. So, be like Usain Bolt and have discipline in investing towards your financial goals without getting affected by the temporary hiccups that you might face during the process.
Thank You !!!
Bhupesh P Chaudhri