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Millennials might struggle to make a successful career…

With what approach a student should choose his / her career

Hello Everyone,
Being a Certified Financial Planning trainer, I happen to meet a lot of students (especially in early or mid-20’s) who, while inquiring about a career or taking admission or during the course period, they come up to me with the most common question which is-
“Sir, does this degree have enough scope in the market? OR Are there enough job opportunities for this certification? OR What is the starting pay that we will be offered once we get into the market after getting qualified?”

And I always tell them that the qualification is only an entry ticket to the market but ultimately it’s up to each and every individual as to what he or she does with the same… We have often seen that 2 people with similar qualification and position have different packages, different growth rate and different timing of promotions. Some rise through the ranks swiftly whereas some stay put at one position for years.

Well, there is nothing wrong about the question but it’s the intention with which the question is being asked. Either the students are afraid of taking risk (calculated risk) by doing something different and want to just do what is proven or their only intention is to earn a lot of money and get settled without exploring their true growth potential.

I, hereby, request you to stop living a textbook life, take risks and learn to make the most of your qualification, share your knowledge to the unknown and make a difference to the society. The most successful people in the world are those who designed a solution for the people’s problem, be one of those.

In the end, would like to sum up by saying that work for your passion and satisfaction, money will flow automatically, if not immediately but certainly, because when you are passionate about something, you will do that thing in the best way ever known and people pay for the best.
Remember, a stagnant water attracts dirt, it stinks, it is always a home to all the impurities or insects and eventually dries up but a flowing water is always pure, powerful and travels miles serving a lot of people on the way. The choice is yours…
Thank You !!!
Bhupesh P Chaudhri